GIA Diamonds

Buying and selling diamonds requires knowing the grading of diamonds. GIA is one of the world’s most respected gemological labs. They have labs in all the major gem and jewelry marketplaces around the world. GIA uses expert diamond graders and gemologists to determine the value of your gemstones and set a worldwide standard for grading. Selling GIA diamonds to Online Diamond Buyers is very simple.

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Fast, Competitive Offers

GIA certified diamonds make it very simple for you to get paid quickly and honestly. If your diamond matches the GIA report we can give you an instant offer with confidence that we are paying you the most for your diamond. For diamonds over 2ct we will meet you in your bank, verify authenticity and then do an immediate wire transfer.
Since GIA has set the standard in terms of diamond grading Online Diamond Buyers is confident in the accuracy of their grading. We provide aggressively competitive pricing to get you the most money for your GIA certified diamond.

GIA Offer Information

There are some important things you should know about before selling your GIA certified diamond to us. Offers are contingent upon the following.
– Online Diamond Buyers receiving a valid GIA certificate before making an offer.
– The stone is validated and matches the GIA certificate grading report.
– The precise cut, color, clarity, polish and symmetry characteristics of your diamond.